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Dore Copper (TSX-V: DCMC) CEO Ernest Mast on Developing the Next High Grade Copper-Gold Mine in Quebec

« We are looking forward to commencing the program for 2021. The reason why it’s going to be such a key year is that with the additional drilling that we’re doing at Corner Bay, we’ll be determining a new resource estimate for the Corner Bay deposit, and since Corner Bay is the cornerstone deposit in our company, it’s going to make up a big part of the PEA. In addition, we will get results from the Joe Mann property, and that’s going to be a really nice complimentary deposit to Corner Bay, in order for us to reach that goal of 100,000 ounces per year of gold equivalent or 60 million pounds per year of copper equivalent, we do need to sequence other mines through the mill, in addition to Corner Bay. »

One Of Our Favorite Picks For 2021, December 20, 2020

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Doré Copper Mining (TSXV: DCMC – OTCQB:DRCMF) (Sponsor) Some juniors have it all, which is why CEO Ernest Mast couldn’t be more optimistic . It has great projects with high grade deposits, excellent infrastructure in a mine friendly Quebec and has near term production with very low capex. The projects are a stone’s throw (8 miles) from the town of Chibougamau. The company has no debt and owns a 2,700 tpd mill with a 8.0mt tailings facility, who’s replacement cost is several times Dore’s market cap. The project is on the grid, has highway access and to has a rail link to boot. They’re expecting to produce 100,000+ ounces per year au equivalent. The low capex needed to restart production means that it could all happen very quickly.



Ernie Mast, President and CEO of Dore Copper Mining (TSX.V:DCMC – OTCQB:DRCMF) to provide a high level overview of the Company’s three main assets in Quebec and outline the exploration work that is underway. The Company holds a total of 6 assets in the Chibougamau Camp in Quebec. Focus is on the Corner Bay, Cedar Bay, and Joe Mann Properties. With both high grade copper and gold recent drill results Dore Copper has drill programs at different stages at each Project.

High-Grade Gold and Copper on the Pathway to Production with Doré Copper Mining CEO Ernest Mast – December 2, 2020

Highest-grade undeveloped copper and gold deposits in North America.

In this interview, Doré Copper Mining’s president and CEO Ernest Mast provides an overview of the company’s investment value proposition, describes why the company is undervalued and explains the plans for 2021.

Doré Copper Mining’s projects are located just 14 km from the town of Chibougamau in mine-friendly Quebec and are one of Canada’s premier near-term redevelopment opportunities. Doré Copper is debt-free and owns a 2,700 tpd mill with a 8.0Mt tailings facility. There is already power to site and it is accessible by paved highway and rail. The goal is to produce a profitable hub-and-spoke operation of +100,000 oz/yr AuEq or +60 M lbs CuEq by 2023/2024. Because of the existing infrastructure and location, a low capex is anticipated to recommence production.

RSD Interview: Doré Copper Mining (TSX-V: DCMC) CEO Ernest Mast – September 23, 2020

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Doré Copper (TSX-V: DCMC) CEO Ernest Mast on Drilling at the Corner Bay, Cedar Bay & Joe Mann Deposits

“Blessed with a Number of Deposits that are Open and High Grade”– Interview with Ernest Mast, Doré Copper’s President and CEO

RSD Interview: Doré Copper Mining (TSX-V: DCMC) CEO Ernest Mast – August 5, 2020

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High-Grade Copper-Gold Intercepts at the Cedar Bay Deposit & Upcoming Drilling at Joe Mann in Northern Quebec

“The intercepts really show the potential that we have in the camp that we’re definitely a camp play. The intercept at that central vein, that 14.2% copper was the highest grade copper intercept we’ve ever had at Cedar Bay. It’s located approximately 160 meters from a previous high-grade gold and copper hit. We’re currently doing some infill in that area. ”– Interview with Ernest Mast, Doré Copper’s President and CEO

VIDEO INTERVIEW: CEO Ernest Mast with Cindy Broad from Stockhouse Media at PDAC 2020

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« Plus haute qualité à ce jour » intercepté au programme de forage du Québec

Ernest Mast, président et chef de la direction de Doré Copper, a déclaré dans le communiqué de presse du 2 mars 2020, « Les résultats du programme de forage suggèrent que nous serons en mesure d’accroître les ressources minérales à Corner Bay, l’un des gisements de cuivre à plus haute teneur des Amériques. Le gisement demeure ouvert dans toutes les directions et nous avons de nombreuses cibles qui seront testées à l’avenir. De plus, nous avons effectué un levé EM en fond de trou sur une structure de cisaillement à l’est de la veine principale qui générera des cibles supplémentaires. Les forages ont commencé à Cedar Bay pour tester la minéralisation à haute teneur en or des zones parallèles 10-20 où les forages antérieurs ont intercepté de nombreuses intersections à haute teneur, dont 2,4 mètres à 19,5 g/t d’or et 1,67 % de cuivre, ainsi que pour tester la veine principale de Cedar Bay en profondeur. Après le programme de Cedar Bay, les forages commenceront à la mine à haute teneur en or Joe Mann pour tester le potentiel en aval-pendage où les forages antérieurs ont intercepté 3,02 mètres à 30,3 g/t d’or. »