Governance - Doré Copper Mining Corp


Doré Copper believes that strong governance promotes a culture of integrity throughout the Corporation and improves corporate performance to the benefit of all stakeholders. The Corporation continually reviews its practices and policies for the proper operation of the Corporation, consistent with the requirements of the law.

Members of the Board of DirectorsAudit CommitteeCompensation and Nominating CommitteeCorporate Governance CommitteeHealth, Safety, Environment and Community Committee
Mario Stifano*
Executive Chairman
Ernest Mast*
President and CEO
Frank Balint
Joseph de la Plante
Sara Heston
Martha Manuel
Brent Omland
  Chairperson of the Committee
* Non-Independent Director
Mandates & Charters
Board of Directors Mandate
Audit Committee Charter
Compensation and Nominating Committee Charter
Corporate Governance Committee Charter
Health, Safety, Environment and Community Committee Charter
Governance Policies
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Corporate Disclosure Policy
Insider Trading Policy
Whistleblower Policy