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Hub-and Spoke Re-development Opportunity

Doré Copper is focusing on a hub-and-spoke development strategy* with its Copper Rand mill serving as the ‘hub’ of the operation. The hub-and-spoke model with established infrastructure provides the following benefits:

  • Low execution risk
  • Lower capital expenditures
  • Shorter permitting requirements
  • Project pipeline in place to feed mill
  • Potential toll milling centre (spare mill capacity)

*The technical feasibility and economic viability of the projects has not yet been established for the hub & spoke operation model.

Corner Bay

Copper & Gold

Joe Mann

Gold & Copper

Cedar Bay

Gold & Copper

Copper Rand

Copper & Gold

  PEA MAY 10, 2022

Corner Bay Cedar Bay Joe MannCopper Rand Devlin Gwillim Norbeau

Doré Copper has consolidated a large land package of brownfield projects in and near Quebec’s Chibougamau prolific mining camp that has produced 1.6 B lbs of copper and 4.4 M oz of gold. The properties include 13 former mines, deposits and resource target areas, all within a 60 km radius of its Copper Rand mill.

Copper Rand mine and mill

Copper Rand Mill

The Copper Rand mill was constructed in 1959 and then updated and expanded in the 1970s, 1980s and then again in the early 2000s. The mill last operated in 2008.

The mill is connected to the Quebec energy grid and has a power supply of 25 MW at 25 kV. Water used for the process would be recycled from the tailings management facility. The site has a substation, core shack, laboratory, warehouse, and office complex. The process plant building occupies a surface area of 2,830 m2 and consists of crushing, fine ore storage, grinding, gravity recovery of particulate gold, flotation of a copper concentrate, thickening, and filtration. The concentrator had an installed milling capacity of approximately 2,700 tpd. The tailings were pumped two kilometers at a level elevation to the Copper Rand tailings management facility. 

See process plant flowsheet