Future Producer of Copper and Gold - Doré Copper Mining Corp

Future Producer of Copper and Gold

Key Infrastructure in Place

Copper Rand Processing Plant and Existing Tailings Capacity

  • Mill is located 14 km from the town of Chibougamau – population of 7,500 people with a long mining history.
  • Accessible by paved highway, rail, and daily scheduled air charters.
  • Operating power line to site maintained by Hydro-Quebec for 25 MW power feed to site.
  • Up to 2,700-tpd processing plant and past-permitted tailings facility.
  • Tailings facility has 9 Mt capacity with expansion potential.
  • Berm raise adds more capacity – successful re-vegetation test done and main tailings do not show ARD characteristics.

Existing infrastructure materially reduces CAPEX and time to production.

Significant Resource Opportunity

Growing Mineral Resources

  • Maiden 19,000m drilling program. Increased Corner Bay resource by 93%. High-grade resources at Cedar Bay. Remains open in numerous directions and parallel veins exist.
  • Copper Rand open at depth when closed in December 2008.
  • Exploration potential at other deposits such as Lac Doré, Shaft 3, Gwillim, and Siderite Hill.
  • Exploration targets such as Portage Lake, Baie du Commencement, McKenzie vein, Hematite Bay Gold zone and geophysical exploration targets.
Measured & IndicatedInferred
Tonnes (kt)Cu (%)Au (g/t)Tonnes (kt)Cu (%)Au (g/t)
Corner Bay (Ind.)1.3503.010.291.6603.840.27
Devlin (Mes.)1082.900.303472.380.22
Devlin (Ind.)3052.330.25
Cedar Bay (Ind.)1361.499.112302.138.32

Estimated Corner Bay mineral resource increased by ≈93% and maiden Cedar Bay resource established with only 19,000 m of drilling

Note: Cu calculated at $2.75/lb Cu and $1,200/oz Au

Assets: High-Grade and Cu Focused

  • Some of the highest-grade undeveloped assets in the developed world in a stable jurisdiction.
  • A rare copper-focused developer with existing infrastructure.
  • Low capital intensity anticipated.
  • Excellent regional exploration potential.
  • Local mining expertise – no camp and only 14 km from Chibougamau.
Note: Cu Eq based on M&I using US$3.00/lb Cu and US1,300/oz Au. Not including historic resources. Based on public disclosure.

Stakeholder Engagement

Major stakeholders have been presented the Doré Copper story

  • Cree Nation based in Ouje-Bougoumou: Experienced with mining and natural resources. Currently discussing a pre-development agreement and eventually an IBA.
  • Investissement Quebec (IQ): Doré Copper to participate in SME New York Mine Finance IQ sponsored conference.
  • Municipality of Chibougamau.
  • Numerous other companies in the area.
  • Quebec Investment Funds: Potential investors.
  • MERN: Closure plans to be developed for each deposit after mine restart plans are developed.
  • MELCC: Approval for small remediation projects obtained.
  • Plan Nord: Cooperation in development of mines. Doré Copper participation is Plan Nord sponsored supplier 1 on 1s.
  • Société de développement de la Baie James: Group holds $4.2 million closure bond for Copper Rand site.
  • SOQUEM: Partner on Tortigny property and neighbor in a few areas in the Chibougamau Camp.

Quebec Government – Plan Nord

The province of Quebec is one of the highest rated jurisdictions for mining in the world as ranked by the Fraser Institute

View Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mines Companies (2018)

One of the reasons is the Government’s support of the industry as part of the Plan Nord program.

The Quebec government Plan Nord will contribute, in collaboration with the representatives of the regions and the aboriginal nations concerned, as well as the private sector, to the integrated and coherent development of the area covered by the Plan Nord.

The area of the Plan Nord is north of the 49th parallel and north of the St. Lawrence River and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The developments respect the principles of sustainable development and in accordance with the policy guidelines defined by the Government in relation to the Plan Nord.

The area of the Plan Nord is north of the 49th parallel and north of the St. Lawrence River and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Copper and Gold Markets

Doré Copper Mining Corp. is fortunate to be a future producer of copper and gold

This is reflected in our name, our history and our assets. Copper and gold are two of the most sought-after metals. Although they have been known since antiquity, their demand looks solid as we progress through the 21st century as they have continually proven themselves to be valuable to society as critical metals for the electrified economy and the best financial instrument to counter the runaway debt being incurred by most nations.