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Exploration Project

Dore Copper entered into option agreements in March 2021 to acquire a 100% interest in the former producing Norbeau gold mine property and the contiguous Beaurox property, a major land position totaling approximately 1,400 hectares (refer to news release March 22, 2021 for more details). The properties are located 15 kilometers by road north from the Company’s Copper Rand mill.

The Company will be completing a detailed compilation of all available data on the properties and initially plans to investigate both the New Vein and Sharpe Vein. Doré Copper is also planning an airborne geophysical survey for Q2 2021 and a 3,000 metre drilling program for Q3 2021.

There has been no drilling or exploration on the properties since the late 1980’s. The main mineralized zones are described below. 

The Norbeau mine historically produced approximately 160,000 ounces of gold from 1965 to 1969 at a grade of 13.77 g/t Au. Approximately 80% of the production was from the Main Vein (Vein #1) and 20% from Vein #4. The shaft extends to 1,580 feet (482 metres) with 10 levels but little or no development on the last two levels. In 1980-81, the Norbeau mine was dewatered to a depth of 1,580 feet and 13 underground holes totaling 762.2 meters were completed to test Vein #9, a low-grade east-west structure in the footwall of the lower level stopes. In 1987, Westminer Mines Ltd. completed six surface drill holes totaling 3,426 meters to intersect the extension of Vein #4 below the 10th level of the mine. Vein #4 was not intersected but new gold-bearing veins were found in the upper levels and below the 10th level. The best intercept of the program returned 9.09 g/t over 2.6 meters (0.265 oz/t over 8.6 ft) in Vein #9 from 1,265.8 to 1,274.4 feet. No other work is reported after this period at the Norbeau mine.

Reference: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, SIGEOM Database file GM46081 – Progress Report on the 1987 Norbeau Mine Exploration Program by Luke Evans, B.A.Sc., M.Sc., April 1987.

The New Vein (also referred to as the Shecapio Vein), located approximately 500 meters east of the Norbeau shaft, was discovered in 1980 and outcrops over a length of approximately 250 meters with an average width of 3 meters. During 1980-81, the New Vein was channel sampled and 42 short surface drill holes totaling 2,900 meters were completed along an east-west strike length of 300 meters. Significant intercepts included 10.8 g/t Au over 2 meters (N-81-35), 2.4 g/t Au over 14 meters (N-81-11), and 11.2 g/t Au over 2 metres, including 95.3 g/t Au over 0.2 meters (N-81-22). The New Vein has not been drill tested at depths below 100-150 meters. 

Reference: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, SIGEOM Database file GM39252 – Diamond Drill Record, Norbeau Property (1981) and GM39252PLAN_1-2.

The east-west Sharpe Vein, located a further 500 meters to the east, was channel sampled over the 203.8 meters length of the vein exposure by Beaurox Mines Limited in 1982. The grade was established at 6.86 g/t (0.20 oz/t) Au over an average width of 2.9 meters (undiluted and all samples cut to 1.00 oz/t Au), including 124.8 meters grading 8.23 g/t (0.24 oz/t) Au over an average width of 3.29 meters. In 1985, a systematic re-sampling of the Sharpe Vein was carried out with 87 channel samples and 21 holes totaling 1,128 meters over a strike length of approximately 350 meters (including 18 short holes totaling 873.9 meters on 50 feet sections testing 50 feet below surface). Significant intercepts included 4.1 g/t Au over 6 meters (SH-9-85) and 4.8 g/t Au over 2.8 meters (N-98). In 1987, two holes totaling 354.8 meters were drilled to test the Sharpe Vein to a depth of 100 meters with no significant gold intercepts. The Sharpe Vein has not been drill tested at depths below 100-150 meters. 

Reference: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, SIGEOM Database file GM43254 – Diamond Drilling Program on the Sharpe Vein, Norbeau Property by Jean-Pierre Berube, Ing., December 1985.


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